algorithmica technologies introduces IHM, a new dynamic limits solution

algorithmica technologies introduces IHM, a new dynamic limits solution
Mar. 14, 2016

Intelligent Health Monitor is the brand new dynamic limits solution from algorithmica technologies. It enables plant managers to easily monitor and maintain the healthy state of their equipment.

IHM draws on algorithmica technologies’ expertise in machine learning algorithms to model measurements based on the correlation with other sensors. It then compares the measured to the modeled value, and sends out an alarm if the two are significantly different. In keeping with Industry 4.0 developments, it makes plant maintenance smarter by using networked technologies to monitor and evaluate the physical state of the equipment in the plant.

“Practical application has shown that IHM leads not only to fewer false alarms, but also to consistent notification of actual problems. It is much more reliable than the standard static limits,” claims Dr. Patrick Bangert, the CEO of algorithmica technologies and creator of the technology.

Currently undergoing testing with several major clients, IHM will be available for download on the company website by the middle of the year. Plant managers can then install the software for free, and test its full functionality for their plant and equipment, before committing to any purchase.

"IHM has already been getting so much interest. We are very excited, and frankly, proud of the solution. We're empowering plants to not only dramatically improve the maintenance of their equipment, but to do so in a way that improves the ease of use and experience of the workers themselves," says Dr. Bangert.

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