The chemical industry is central to the modern world. From plastics to consumer electronics, everything nowadays depends on the products created in great quantities by the behemoths of the chemical industry. But complex processes and reactions, variable quality of raw materials, changing external conditions, machinery failures, and variable degree of familiarity with the plant serve to ensure that no one can keep a perfect overview of the production at all times. Additionally, green laws and sustainability requirements have put pressure on chemical plants to reduce resources consumed and waste produced. Consequently, chemical plants can invariably benefit from optimization solutions, but rarely have the time and manpower required to use most of them. In the chemical industry, solutions are needed which are simple to implement and use, and which bring measurable benefits.

At algorithmica we help you to bring your chemical plant to the next level. So our solutions for the chemical industries aim at two main goals: make your work more efficient and less stressful.

With APO, we employ advanced machine learning technology to assist you in running your plant at its optimum 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With ISS, we can help you measure those things that are hard, expensive, or downright impossible to measure. IHM employs advanced machine learning to continuously monitor the health of your machinery, and alert you to undesirable changes. And finally with IPC, you can easily control the state in your chemical plant.

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