Dr. Patrick Bangert

Dr. Patrick Bangert has a Masters in Physics and a Ph.D. in mathematics. In 1997/98, he was a researcher at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA, where he did research into optimisation of methods and processes. He continued doing research on the topic while working an assistant professor of applied mathematics at the Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. During this time he grew curious about, and then increasingly convinced of, the potential of mathematical optimization methods to deliver worthwhile insights in the industry setting. In 2005 he met Markus Ahorner, who shared his passion for science and for simple solutions. Together they founded algorithmica technologies with the goal of harnessing mathematics and machine learning to deliver truly comprehensive and at the same time easy to use optimization solutions to big industrial plants.

In his free time Dr. Bangert likes hiking, running, and trying to play the guitar.

Markus Ahorner

Markus Ahorner started his career as a process engineer and supervisor in the international construction of process plants. He went on to become a management consultant of an international consultancy where worked on investment projects for chemical and power plants as well as optimization and integration projects in research and development, production, technology and logistics of larger corporations.

In 2001 he decided to follow his entrepreneurial drive and started the company Ahorner & Partner to bring modern, top-notch consultancy services to big industrial plants. After meeting Patrick Bangert in 2005, he became convinced of the potential of mathematical optimization to bring consulting to the next level by delivering actionable insights to big industrial clients. He co-founded algorithmica technologies with Dr. Bangert in 2006 and is the Chief Operating Officer.

In his spare time Markus collects antique furniture and does sports. He also admits to having a serious book addiction, with a particular love for science fiction.