Advanced Quality Controller

Advanced Quality Controller image

Simply intelligent scrap detection.

In an automated, many-step production lines, scrap is expensive. It incurs a higher cost, the more value steps scrap parts pass on a production chain, before they are identified. Or even worse, the scrap might not be identified at all, and the customers might receive a lower quality product. And while quality control measures can usually catch most scrap parts, the process is very effort-intensive and time-consuming, and leaves too much room for human error.

With the Advanced Quality Controller (AQC) algorithmica technologies solves this issue by using advanced machine learning to replace unreliable, time-intensive manual control. AQC monitors production in real-time and identifies scrap parts as soon as they are produced. Not only does the scrap part not pass through additional production steps, but often parts identified early enough in the production process can be recycled, leading to more than 30% of scrap cost decrease.

AQC offers over 98% detection accuracy, with less than 0.3% false positives, and 0.1% false negatives. And as opposed to human controllers, it can check every part.

Relevant Case Studies