Intelligent Health Monitor

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Maintaining your machinery in a healthy state, and being aware when its state deteriorates, is crucial to successfully running any industrial plant. It is, however, a nontrivial task usually accomplished by employing sensors and having a fixed range of values that the measurements should be in. If the values are outside this range, then an alarm is sent out. However, this method rarely works as intended. The reality of production and aging equipment means that many false alarms are sent out, and also some unhealthy states are never alarmed. Is there a better way?

The Intelligent Health Monitor (IHM) sets dynamic limits monitors the equipment intelligently. Using machine learning algorithms and historical data, we can model any sensor output by using the other values measuring that machine’s health. The created model encapsulates the definition of "healthy state." By comparing the measured value to the modeled value, IHM can then accurately evaluate the state of your machine. No more false alarms. No more unexpected trips or outages.

And best of all, IHM is so easy to implement and use, that it is a downloadable piece of software you can try out in your plant today, for free.


Industry Award 2016 Maintainer Innovation Award 2016

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