Advanced Process Monitor

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Simply intelligent production monitor

Automated production lines are highly complex, many-step systems with increased value of product in each consecutive step. Sensors measure the performance of the machinery, and occasionally produce messages alerting to minor faults or abnormal events. Most of those are inconsequential and can safely be ignored, however some can lead to critical failures. When an error occurs or the condition of a machine declines, the cost of that error is higher the longer it takes to be detected. Additional scrap parts are produced by the failing machinery, and, if the condition becomes bad enough, unscheduled production stop while waiting for new parts might be required. And while human operators can and do notice abnormal machinery, it usually happens when the condition is already critical enough to constitute a problem and incur considerable costs.

The Advanced Process Monitor (APM) is algorithmica’s solution to this issue – an intelligent production monitor based on our advanced machine learning technology. APM monitors assembly lines in real-time and flags relevant abnormal behavior of machinery days before it is noticeable to human operators. In doing so, APM can decrease scrap production by up to 80% and enables Six-Sigma quality of production.


Industry Award 2015 Innovation Award IT 2015

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